Nightscape of Glendalough Graveyard

I was reasonably happy with how this nightscape of Glendalough turned out, especially because it wasn’t a planned shot and in retrospect, I would have chosen better camera settings.

I had just finished up trying to capture a sunset at the Upper Lake at Glendalough but I didn’t even take the camera out of the bag because the light just wasn’t there. Also, the lake was very choppy and any photo I could have taken wouldn’t have differed from any other shot I had taken in the past.

As the sun went down, it looked to be a clear night so I decided to stop off at the round tower to see if there was any potential. It got completely dark much quicker than I had expected and after trying a few different shots from different angles, it finally dawned on me that I was alone in a graveyard in the pitch dark. I could see from the back of the camera that I had captured something half decent so I packed up to go home.

This long exposure was quite noisy because I used way too high an ISO (10,000) accidentally. Converting to sepia tone using Silver Efex Pro from Nik Software (edit: which is now free to download since March 2016).

I didn’t change much in the image apart from some basic curves and a slight vignette.

Camera Settings for taking this Nightscape of Glendalough

f2.8, 13 seconds, ISO 10,000

Edited to say: In hindsight, I was inexperienced when deciding what camera settings to use for this shot. if I was shooting this again, I’d probably use an ISO of maybe 200, an aperture of f8. I’d leave the shutter speed at whatever setting would be needed to give the correct exposure.

Partial Solar Eclipse As Seen From Ireland

So there was a total solar eclipse today and because of Ireland’s position on the planet, we could only see it as a partial eclipse. Unfortunately, it was very cloudy in Ireland. As in, completely overcast.

Initially, I was gutted when I thought that I wasn’t going to get to see it but just as I was about to give up, there was a break in the clouds and this majestic sight unfolded before my eyes.

This is what I captured. I’m happy with the end result.

Partial Solar Eclipse from Ireland

Partial Solar Eclipse visible from Ireland

What settings did I use to capture the solar eclipse?

I shot in RAW so I was able to recover some good detail that was otherwise lost in the highlights. If I had shot it as a JPG, these details may not have been recoverable and parts of the brighter cloud would have been blown out.

Camera settings that I used: f/16, 1/1000s, ISO 200.
Lens: Canon EF75-300
Body: Canon 6D

Disused Newcastle Train Station

My first trip out with my shiny new Canon 6D camera. Time for me to go grab some test shots. So off I went on a quick trip to Newcastle, Co. Wicklow to visit the disused train station.

Unfortunately it was a foggy day so the sky was flat and a bit boring. I also ventured off the track a little bit towards the sea, but the visibility was very poor. Nothing worth capturing.

The train station along the Dublin to Wexford track was apparently built in the 1850s and remained in service until the 1960s.

GoldenSolas-0168 GoldenSolas-0166 GoldenSolas-20

What is GoldenSolas?

Hi and welcome to my photography blog.

Are you wondering what GoldenSolas means? Well “solas” in the Irish language means “light”. So I figured, because photography is mostly about light, and the golden hour is arguably the best time of day to photograph, GoldenSolas was an obvious choice to me. That, and the fact that every other good name I thought of was already registered!